Short-Term MissionsShortTermSml

Each short-term mission trip should provide long-term benefit to Christ’s Church both locally and abroad by achieving the following four-fold objective:

  • Benefiting a long-term effort by either partnering with a local, existing ministry or laying the foundation for a new one.

  • Deepening the relationship between the church sponsoring the short-term mission and the existing or newly established ministry.

  • Developing all participants’ capacity for ministry both before and during the short-term mission. This applies to both those who are sent and their supporters

  • Encouraging individual team members to walk in faith in Christ and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

There are three types of short-term missions:

    • local or in-state

    • domestic or western hemisphere

    • long-distance international

Calvary Boise is committed to long-term partnerships with a variety of local, domestic, and international ministries and church plants. To accomplish these objectives in relation to each mission outreach, locations are rotated to reoccur every three-to-five years. Therefore, not all mission trips are offered each year.

Trips planned for 2018:

  • JUNE: Local outreaches to the homeless, refugee community, elderly, and door-to-door evangelism

  • JUNE/JULY: International Trip to Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom

  • JULY or AUGUST: Western Hemisphere Trip to Las Vegas, Nevada; Ensenada, Mexico; and Monterey, California

Long-Term Church Planting

We desire to disciple believers at Calvary Boise in a way that lifts up Christ and His Great Commission so that the natural result is an emphasis on long-term missions. We want to send preachers of the Gospel on a long-term basis to make disciples among those who currently have little-to-no knowledge of Christ or existing Bible-teaching churches. Everyone can participate in this important cause by helping meet missionaries’ needs and supporting them with prayer.

If you would like more information about our missions or have a heart to be sent as a long-term missionary please contact missions@calvaryboise.com.


How do I Become a Missionary?

If you would like more information about becoming a missionary, see our Missions Convictions but especially note convictions 3, & 6-8. If you have questions, please email us at missions@calvaryboise.com.