Q & A

Question: I noticed the parking lot and patio in front of the preschool building are under construction. What’s going on?

ANSWER from Pastor Trevor: There are two exciting things going on here. First, we are doing routine maintenance on the parking lot in front of the preschool building by replacing the asphalt. This will help provide safety for people and cars who use that lot during the week and on weekends by eliminating potholes and pools of water or ice that would form in the cold and wet seasons. Additionally, we are updating the patio and walkway in front of the preschool building that was previously asphalt. The new concrete patio has updated drainage to help protect from pooling and freezing water that was a slipping hazard during the cold and wet seasons, and will eliminate some of the curbs that have caused people to trip. Replacing the asphalt with concrete will also provide some relief from the excessive heat in that area during the summer months. We will also be adding some trees and landscaping that will keep the area vibrant and shaded. I am really excited for how these small changes have the potential to make a big impact on how people are served at our church. As always I’m very thankful for all of your patience, prayers, and support for projects like this!


QUESTION: I heard there were some changes coming up for the District Coffee House. Can you tell me about that?

ANSWER from Pastor Tucker: Since I became lead pastor in 2016, it’s been clear that God is doing a new work here at Calvary Boise. As part of that process, the elders and leadership team continually pray for wisdom about the focus and mission of our church.

We feel called to pursue a simple church model that emphasizes what God has simply told His family to do. We believe Christ’s church is a place where the Gospel is preached, God’s Word is proclaimed and built upon, God’s presence is experienced and enjoyed, and His people gather in prayer and fellowship. These are our best things. Other pursuits—while good—are better suited for the personal callings of individuals.

That’s why we have come to an exciting decision regarding the District Coffee House. For nearly a decade the District has been a great gathering place downtown. Under the leadership of Kate Seward it went from a struggling enterprise barely able to keep its doors open to an award-winner (voted Best Barista in Boise two years in a row). However, more than a year ago, Kate and her husband Scott (our former worship leaders) opened their own downtown coffee establishment, and the District’s oversight reverted to our pastors and elder board.

This did not seem the most effective pursuit of God’s purposes for us. After much prayer, I am excited to share that Kate and Scott will be purchasing the District. Their entrepreneurial spirit will facilitate necessary updates and improvements, and our elders and pastors will be liberated to focus on the simple calling of our church. The Sewards’ involvement means our church will still have access to the District for meetings and events. Operating a coffee shop is a perfect thing for Kate and Scott’s passions and skill sets. Therefore, we believe this transition is a great thing for all involved.


QUESTION: I noticed we changed the name of our church website. Are we still a Calvary Chapel?

ANSWER from Pastor Tucker: Absolutely. While our website recently got a much needed refresher, including a more “familiar” name, in no way does the update change who we are as a church. All of our core values and Calvary Chapel relationships remain intact. Think of it this way: calling our website Calvary Boise instead of Calvary Chapel Boise is like calling me Tucker instead of my given name, Thomas. I am the same guy either way, but Tucker is how friends and family know me. Yes, we are still Calvary Chapel Boise, but Calvary Boise is just easier and tends to be what our church family calls this body of believers.


QUESTION: Do we still broadcast our sermons on TV and radio?

ANSWER from Pastor Tucker: No. After much thought, prayer, and discussion we recently decided to discontinue broadcasting our Sunday sermons. A number of factors influenced the decision:

  • Many amazing local preachers fill the airwaves with the Gospel. We are confident that the people who are blessed by TV and radio preaching will still be served by other gifted teachers.
  • With the rise of free digital media like podcasts and online video streaming, it has become increasingly difficult to justify the high price of TV and radio. When we started the TV/Radio Ministry nearly two decades ago it was the best way to get the Gospel beyond our church walls. That is simply no longer the case, and we believe it is time to allocate resources accordingly.
  • We are eager to help members of the fellowship become more tech savvy. We know that not everyone uses digital media and our staff members are here to help get you started. If you found our Q & A page, it will be easy for you to find our online sermons. Let us help. If you know of others who struggle to even get this far, have them call us. Anyone with a smart phone, Ipad, or computer can access our sermons at their convenience. We also have CDs of Saturday night’s sermon available at the Welcome Center all week long.


QUESTION: Why did we remodel the lobby?

ANSWER from Pastor Tucker: We remodeled the lobby for two reasons:

  • We wanted the space to become more functional. We now have an enlarged and improved Welcome Center where visitors can get all their questions answered and members of our church family can discover more about ministry opportunities. We also have a focused fellowship area designed to create an inviting place for friendly conversations, small group gatherings, and the breaking of bread.
  • The timing was right. In 2017 we sold land to the Ada County Highway department for the widening of Franklin Road. Our bank designated that the money from this sale had to be used for property improvements. So, we used the proceeds to remodel our lobby, and also to partially fund upcoming parking lot improvements and a new family area on the west side of the sanctuary for young and growing families.