How do I get there? – The Main Campus, at 123 Auto Drive, is located south of Franklin Road, east of Milwaukee Street. It’s near the I-84 Connector and easy to access from the entire Treasure Valley.

Where do I park? – During the week and on Saturdays park anywhere on campus, including the Thrift Store on Auto Drive and Franklin Road. On Sunday mornings, we also offer a free shuttle service in addition to on-site parking.

Where do I Take My Kids? – Children of all ages and abilities find fun and faith-focused education in our classes and activities. Our computerized attendance system and thoroughly vetted personnel enhance your children’s safety.
During weekend services:
• Children from newborn through age 11 are checked in at the Pre-School lobby, using a secure, computerized system. Ministry assistants are on hand to direct you to the classroom.
Babies under the age of two are lovingly cared for in the nursery located in the Preschool building.
Children from three-year-olds through sixth graders attend classes where age-appropriate lesson share Christ’s love.
Infants you want to keep with you are welcome in the service. There are also two cry rooms at the back of the sanctuary—including one reserved for nursing moms. (They are both accessed from the north hallway.)
Senior High and Junior High students attend the worship portion of weekend services in the sanctuary, then gather in the Youth Building on the campus’s north side for fellowship and instruction designed to strengthen their relationships with Christ.
Children and teens with special needs, including non-verbal autism, are ministered to in classes held during Sunday’s 11:15 service.
During Mid-Week Services:
• Kids from three-year-olds through sixth-graders attend AWANA.
• Youth Groups directed at Junior High and Senior High students take place on Wednesday evenings in the Youth Building on the north side of the campus.

Our computerized attendance system and thoroughly vetted personnel ensure your children’s safety.



What kind of church is this? – We are a Bible-believing group of born-again Christians seeking to know God’s will through prayer, study of scripture and fellowship so we are prepared to share God’s love wherever we go.

Are we still a Calvary Chapel? Yes. Our name change reflects our passion to serve Boise in a fresh new way but we remain affiliated with the Calvary Chapel movement.

What about worship? Our contemporary worship focuses on God’s praiseworthy nature and enhances our personal time with Christ. When it comes to style, guitars are a mainstay. Other instruments vary. The song list includes everything from recent worship songs to timeless hymns. No matter the music Jesus is the focus.

What about sacraments? In keeping with Jesus’ example we baptize adult believers by immersion. We fulfill Christ’s commandment to remember His life-giving sacrifice by regularly sharing the Lord’s Supper. We also celebrate other milestones—dedicating children to the Lord and praying for families, performing Christian marriages after pre-marital discipleship, and ordaining pastors who meet specific requirements.

What about fellowship? This is a come-as-you-are church. Everyone is welcome. [Link to welcome video]